Austrian Cuisine: Guten Appetit!

“Oh my God, how was it?” is the phrase put to me most often today. I have just arrived home from a quick ten-day trip to Europa, to celebrate the momentous occasion of my Opa’s 85th birthday in Austria. My father hails from a small (ish), rural (ish) town called Dornbirn in the East of Austria. From the balcony of my grandparents’ home we look over the Swiss mountains and the Bodensee, which separates Germany from Austria.


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The Elements of a Bad Mood

It is not often that I am in a bad mood. I mean, I get grumpy sometimes but then I know I’m being grumpy and I give myself a good talking to and tell myself to stop being nasty and ridiculous. And it works.

But today. Today is a proper, legitimate bad mood. The stars have aligned and all the elements are working together to piss me off. I am, in fact, overwhelmingly busy at work but my professional reputation will not survive the day without one good rant. So here it is.


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Come Back to Me

Words have betrayed me.

When there was nothing else, I always had words. Now there is nothing.

My hands move to type. They hover uselessly over a keyboard and they wait. They wait for something to happen, for something to move them. Nothing happens. They hover a moment longer, hopeful always. Eventually they find the mouse and click out the screen. The blank page saves to drafts and there are several blank pages there now.

Nothing happens.

The world is full of words but none of them choose me.

The Manenberg House

If there are two things likely to catch my eye, it’s a great charity initiative and an awesome piece of design. This has both.

‘We are Pete and Sarah Portal – two ordinary people with an exciting plan. We are part of a project called ‘Fusion’, working to help gangsters and drug addicts find hope and healing, by offering an alternative community to be part of.’ – Pete and Sarah Portal


To support this really fantastic idea, visit their crowd-funding page here. And huge props to Richard Bolland for a beautiful job on the video!