The Elements of a Bad Mood

It is not often that I am in a bad mood. I mean, I get grumpy sometimes but then I know I’m being grumpy and I give myself a good talking to and tell myself to stop being nasty and ridiculous. And it works.

But today. Today is a proper, legitimate bad mood. The stars have aligned and all the elements are working together to piss me off. I am, in fact, overwhelmingly busy at work but my professional reputation will not survive the day without one good rant. So here it is.


Perhaps my bad mood can be attributed to skipping yoga this morning and having a little lie in. Maybe going to work with stagnant blood sitting in my veins is whats done it. I had to skip yoga for the following reasons:

1. Shoulder injury (shortened rotator cuff muscle) makes downward dog pretty painful.

2. Sore left leg, due to plantar fasciitis.

3. Sore right ankle, from twisting it running sprints on Tuesday.

4. Big fat bruise on my knee.

I spent most of Monday’s lesson in Shavasana, which I figure I can do from my bed anyway.

After not going to yoga, I went to work where I was greeted by a flood of emails I didn’t want and none of the emails I did want. A quick EFT revealed the dire state of my  bank balance and the realization that in order to get home tonight, I’ll have to dig into my (minuscule) savings to pay for a tank of petrol. At that point, the internet gave up. DHL lost my tracking number, for the passport which I need to fly with in two days. And the milk I poured in my (bad, can’t-afford-petrol-let-alone-good-coffee)  coffee was off.

Mood most foul. Unless you have only nice things to say, no one talk to me today.


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