The Winds of Change

There are big things happening in life right now. Things I can’t really talk about, not until the end of April. And while I’m concentrating so hard on not talking about those things, I’ve run out of space in my head to concentrate on anything else.

So bear with me. In two weeks, all will be revealed and then there will be lots to talk about for the rest of ever!

In the meanwhile, let me sum up the weekend and following week, upon which I am about to embark:

dinner at la boheme
drop off old passport at DHL
pay DHL one thousand bucks to pick up new passport in Pretoria
pop in to Scar for first hair appointment in a year
long hair, totally care
easter lunch
eat chocolate
eat more chocolate
head to Avant Garden for some carnival fun and culture
probably buy stuff
complimentary Swedish massage at 12 Apostles spa
hello decadence!
lunch at Woodlands
catch-up drinks with old friends. Loading Bay?
ooh, truffle fries
more yoga, more gym
probably (definitely) go to work a few times
pick up passport
please sweet cheesus pick up passport
Swan Lake at the Artscape
be mesmerised
pack again
board plane
off to Austria!

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