Short and Sweet: The Secret, Pop-Up Cinema Evening

Last night, my good friend Jade invited me along to Short and Sweet‘s secret pop up cinema event at Deer Park Cafe in Vredehoek.

We live in an incredibly beautiful city. The mountain loomed gracefully above us and the sky over the city turned peachy pink and pastel blue and purple. It was an absolutely stunning evening, sitting on blankets on the grass surrounded by an incredibly diverse selection of people. I was pleasantly surprised at the variety of people who came down, many of whom (I’m ashamed now to admit) I would never have expected to see there. From dedicated hippies to families with small children, groups of jocks and one sweet couple who looked like they probably worship at the altar of Kanye. You know. Flat brim peak caps and a diamante manicure. While I sat there, wrapped up in my Tibetan blanket made of 100% yak wool. It was great.


Short and Sweet is an experiental cinema company who specialise in short films. We watched a selcection of five shorts and a music video, covering a range of genres and topics. Something for everyone’s tastes.

I’m afraid I’ve forgotten entirely the name of the music video and of it’s director, but the others we watched were:

Jonah (directed by Kibwe Tavares)
A new live-action Tanzanian film about a man and a big fish. It debuted at the most recent Sundance Film Festival. Stunning cinematography, plays with surrealism.  Check it out here.
This Way Up (created by Smith and Foulkes)
“Laying the dead to rest has never been so much trouble.”
An animated dark comedy about two funeral directors, which won an Oscar in 2008.
Solipsist (Directed by Andrew Huang)
Solipsism is the philosophical idea that only one’s mind is sure to exist. This one, I’ll be honest, was my least favourite of the films. The woman mext to me kept proclaiming it was brilliant but, frankly, I just didn’t get it. Watch it here and then come back and tell me how uncultured I am.
Twig: A Calculated Madness (directed by Derek Dunfee)
A surf film following South African surf legend Grant “Twiggy” Baker as he surfs his way around South Africa. Look, I dated a surfer for some years. I have seen plenty of surf films and many of them were phenomenal. This was not. It felt like a half hearted attempt. We have some of the most incredible waves and landscape in the world, they could have done something much more impressive. Step it up guys. (See it here).
Manipulation (created by Daniel Greaves)
A really fantastic animated film which won an Oscar in 1992. A designer creates and discards a stick figure. The stick figure, when the designer turns his back, suddenly comes back to life. When the designer realises he starts manipulating the stick man. By the end of it you feel bad for the stick man, because the designer is being such a douchebag. Very sweet little film and really amazing animation. My favourite of the lot.

The secret pop up cinema is happening again on the next full moon, which just so happens to be 14th February 2014. A little Valentines day celebration with a group of mates? Yes please. Click here to join the event on their Facebook page and watch out for the clues, the venue is revealed at the last moment!


Bring a blanket and a picnic. The Deer Park Cafe is open and serving drinks. And with Woodlands Eatery and D’Angelos right next door, a fresh pizza is the best picnic.

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