What Is Beautiful Anyway #2: Pro Infirmis

I love beauty. I love unconventional beauty more. I love the way the world is redefining beauty (remember this?) We are perfect in our imperfections, our flaws are us. They make us.

I believe that beauty is both fact and opinion. Beauty exists in every way imaginable. It is in our faces, our bodies, our minds. It is in our personalities and our actions. Beauty exists in our bravery. It exists in our strength and in our determination. Beauty is a collage; a collaboration of factors that are meaningless as they stand alone.

“Because who is perfect?”


A standing ovation to the team at Modissa who produced this fantastic piece  for the International Day of Persons with Disabilities by Pro Infirmis, an organisation for the disabled. The mannequins appeared in the window of fashion house Modissa on Zurich’s Bahnhoffstrasse on 2nd December 2013.


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