Lock ‘n Load: The False Bay Firearms Training Academy

I don’t like games.

It’s a weird thing, because in every other aspect I’m totally a joiner. But I just don’t like games. I don’t like 30 Seconds or poker or Kings and I really don’t like team-building activities.

Enter the False Bay Firearms Training Academy!

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I am the most junior person in my office. Still. A year later. But as soon as I heard “department team bonding”, I jumped. And somehow, god knows how, I managed to convince my entire department that learning how to shoot guns was the best team-building activity everrr.

And then I convinced the big bosses and finance too.


If you are looking to learn to shoot a gun and you don’t mind a scenic drive, I highly recommend the False Bay Firearms Training Academy which is located in the beautiful Glencairn Quarry. We were looking for somewhere pretty and nearby to good food and this place ticks all the boxes.

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It was an overcast, damp day which began with a quick lunch at Dixie’s (fresh mussels, monster racks of ribs and juicy steaks). Our instructor, Keith, met us at the quarry for two hours of loud, adrenaline-pumping fun. There are several different options available and we picked option 4, at R350 a head for a minimum of six people, which included the following:


20 x handgun (at paper scoring targets or steel plates) — Pistol 9mm
10 x rifle (at balloons and steel plates) — M16 or Ak47

The shot makeup is as follows:

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15 x handgun (at scoring target) — Pistol 9mm – Glock and CZ75 –

Shot count made up of —   10 x slow shots for accuracy.

10 x shots “gangster style” – also for score
10 x rifle (at steel plates and scoring paper targets) – LM4 or Ak47
5 x shots per rifle – LM4 has std sights and AK has a red dot tactical sight — so score = X steel plate hits + paper scoring

Plus 10 clays pigeons using a semi-automatic shotgun.

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Packages include the following:

Club entry, Use of safety equipment, use of firearms and ammunition (under supervision), Instruction (Training program – safety and shooting techniques ) – followed by shooting for fun and then for a score.

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If you’re looking for something different to do for your year-end function, I highly recommend this and Keith. He was awesome. The whole day was awesome and so much fun. The biggest skeptics turned out to be the best shots and the biggest mouths (me) turned out to be the worst.

But hey, no black eye this time!

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For more information, contact Keith on keith@firearmtrainingacademy.co.za or check out their website here.


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