With A Cough and A Splutter

I woke up a week ago with a stuffy head and I haven’t had a proper night’s sleep since.


In the past week I have lived on a diet of the following:


ACC 200

Nasal spray

Saline rinse

Reuterina Acute

Klacid XL

Lot’s more Advil

… And a cortisone injection, for luck.

Nothing is helping. I still can’t breathe at night. My ears pop with every chew. Each swallow is a struggle, a choking sensation grips my throat. And now there’s coughing too.

I get on an airplane in five days, one which will keep me in a pressurized air cabin for nine hours and then another five, before I reach my final destination. I do not think it is at all dramatic to think my head will actually explode from the sinus pressure. Luckily, I have sorted out pretty much everything I need before my Indian adventure  begins. I have the right documents, a few changes of clothes, a bottle of shampoo and a general antibiotic for just in case.

The only thing I’m focusing on for the next five days is  banishing any traces of sickness from my poor, poor head.  BE GONE.


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