To Do List: The Indian Edition

  1. Book accommodation
  2. Book flights
  3. Apply for visa
  4. Panic
  5. Check weather

ScreenHunter_268 Nov. 08 12.52

I paid the balance of my accommodation and picked up my visa on Thursday. I had my green passport in my hand, staring at the pretty blue and pink visa and the godawful passport photo which show off chipmunk cheeks and old acne scars, and the following two thoughts crossed my mind:

1. SIX MONTH VISA, BABY. I could spend spend six months in India, doing yoga and learning how to surf. My boss would kill me. My mother would kill me. Claire would kill me.

2. Oh my god. I have a visa. This is happening. In three weeks, this is happening.

There is so much I still need to do and no time to do it in, because the next three weeks are insane. Business trips, The Bookmarks, our company year-end function. I have a hotel, a flight and a visa. And that’s pretty much it. I still need to do a shop for medicines, toiletries and appropriate summer-but-not-too-revealing clothing.

And also yoga clothes. And sports bras. This isn’t a stroll down the Champs-Elysees. This is yoga everyday in the Indian heat, the way it was meant to be done.

And a leg wax. Which requires a fair amount of mental preparation.

The fact that I have yet to enjoy a yoga session ever has not escaped my attention but I am choosing to not be concerned about it. When in Rome and so forth.

cfn vagamon-hills

I have traveled quite a lot in my life. But it has been in the safety of western society. Getting lost in Europe is really not even a thing. Someone speaks English. There is definitely an embassy or a hotel or policeman nearby. They’re way too anal to let you get on the wrong train and even if you do, you’re going to end up in another town with an embassy, a hotel and and a policeman.

In my naive and relatively short life, this might be the bravest thing I have done. To get on a plane, alone, to a place where I know no one and no one knows me. There is no uncle a short train ride away to help me out. India seems like a million miles away from everything I know and I am exhilarated, high on excitement and fear.

It’s a good feeling.

kerala-fisherman kerala1

All images via The Culturist. Read this article for insight into the Kerala region of India.

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