Here, Hold My Camera

Olivia Bee is gritty, grungy, out of focus, a teenager and the next big Hollywood photographer.

Her clients include Converse, Hermes, Adidas, Fiat and Nike. She’s done editorials for Time Magazine and The New York Times.

They’re the kind of photos you look at and think, but I could have taken that. Like when you walk through an art gallery and you can’t help but compare them to your kindergarten scribbles, that don’t look dissimilar to the canvases on the wall.

And yet, there is something about her photographs that haunt you. The blurred faces with eyes that grind into your soul. The gritty landscapes that are breathtaking, in both beauty and eeriness.

She’s only nineteen but her images reveal the soul of a hard-lived life.


7704113132_299d8a7a82_b_905 5200506740_b15dfc5b09_b_905 fiat1_905 6741308659_340955a842_b_905 4326567817_017cf16789_b_905

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lovers1_905 2_o nike_905wwater2_905

All images taken from

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