The Cannes Lions Winners Showreel. It’s a Doozy.

One of the reasons I got involved in this industry is because I really love a good advert. I love seeing a great idea come to life and I love how much emotion and comedy can be packed into a short clip, and how a 30 second ad can evoke such powerful reactions. I cry in more ads than I do movies.

I also prefer trailers to movies. It’s weird. It’s like, the less you tell me the more I like it. Maybe it’s an attention span thing.

Anyway. I digress.

Last night I was treated to a showing of the Cannes Lions Winners Showreel. I’m going to try show you some of my favourites but there’s a good chance I will run out time and/ or space. Because there were lots. I mean, these are the best of the best.

There were also some really strange ones. Strange because I either didn’t think they were very good, didn’t think they were brand-relevant (Guiness, what was that Cloud ad?), they didn’t make sense to me or, in one particular case, caused me to choke on my popcorn. I can’t even link you to it because it has been banned by YouTube but you can read about Come4’s ad here. Come4 is a charity porn organisation (oh yes) aimed at giving disabled people a sex life through porn.

And listen, I’m not putting it in here because it’s been doing the internet rounds for ages but if you somehow missed Dumb Ways To Die please go and watch it. It’s fecking hilarious and I love that they took a pretty morbid and also dull topic like railway accidents and turned it into this great cartoon with a super catchy tune, a Tumblr, an iPad game and a whole host of spinoffs and parodies. Ten stars to the Australian Metro.

These few stuck out particularly for me:

I do love a tearjerker.

Ogilvy Chicago created this pro bono ad for APES, a non-profit organization dedicated to the welfare of endangered animals. Look, it was risky poking ‘fun’ at the WWF logo but I think it’s message was powerful and pretty much anything with sad animals in it is guaranteed to turn me into a weepy mess.

Meet the Superhumans was created for the UK Channel 4 to promote the 2012 Paralympics. I like this ad for two reasons (other than it being a pretty inspirational one and a half minutes of TV). I love the soundtrack and I really love how they worked it so perfectly with the imagery. The song changes according to what is happening on screen, and I love the attention to detail. Most ads just have one track running through it, here the soundtrack is alive.

The second thing I love, is the jump it makes to how these people came to be disabled. It’s an interesting look at where they’ve come from, to give perspective too to their families who are sitting watching them and, I imagine, remebering the journey they’ve taken to get here.

Oh Coca Cola. I’ve said it before, if I could pick any account in the world to work on it would be this one. Coca Cola just has the knack for evoking every emotion you’ve ever felt. I want to go out and buy a hundred Cokes just as a nod to their ad guys.

This ad played played last night and today I am incredibly frustrated because I cannot find an English translation of it or even the details of who made it. If anyone can find it, please send me the link. And also, also! See if you can spot a little bit of Cape Town! (Or, more specifically, the Chapman’s Peak toll.).

Having just watched it again, I realise how impossible it is to understand if you don’t speak Portugese. I’m going to translate based on what I remember from last night.

It’s about doing nice things for other people.

The chick on the bicycle likes to high five everyone.

The second girl likes to pay the toll fees for the people behind her. (YAY CAPE TOWN.)

The third girl, gives away her birthday presents.

Jack saves the lives of strangers. When he can. Casual.

Anonimo likes to give $1 000 tips to kind strangers he meets. I suspect this might be Cape Town too.

Lea du Plessis (hang on, was this a local agency?) plants trees around her city at night and the next guy hangs swings wherever he can.

I’ve forgotten what the last guy does :(

There were so many fantastic ads. I can’t remember all of them, these are the ones that I remember clearly enough to be able to comment on them. If I remember any more, I’ll do another post.



One thought on “The Cannes Lions Winners Showreel. It’s a Doozy.

  1. Agreed! Some of those ideas, if brought up in a brainstorm at our agency, would without doubt, be shot down and scoffed at. Some had clever ideas at the core, but most relied purely on the execution. However, they all actually share one thing. Emotion! If you think about it, every one of the ads made you feel one of three things. Happy, sad or disturbed. Emotion is the key. End of story. Okay thanks bye.

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