The Cape Town Summer Line Up 2013/2014

All the signs are there. It’s light at 6 a.m. The Egyptian geese wake me up every morning with their loud calls. The air-con is humming overhead, despite the grumblings from several cold-blooded colleagues.

It’s nearly here. Summer is on it’s way, just another week of chilly nights before we’ll be packing away our winter duvets and hauling out the cushions for the outside furniture.

And guys. As much as I love my duvet, I am still super excited.

Last year I did a post of things to do and experience in a Cape Town summer. This might be a little premature but some of these things need tickets, and I don’t want anyone to miss out on tickets. I love tickets. But no worries, there are also free things on the list.

I’m trying to do a fresh list, no repeats from last year. But do yourselves a favour and go have a look at last year’s list because there is a bunch of stuff on there that happen every season and are not worth missing out on!

1. Russell Brand: The Messiah Complex

Who’s got tickets? I GOT TICKETS!


Need to know:

19 & 20 November
Artscape Opera House
R300 – R500
(Tickets available through Computicket. Booking essential).

2. Fest of Beer

I can’t find much about this one online. They have an active Twitter account but all the information available last year seems to be lacking a bit. But here’s what you should know anyway: It’s going to a massive jol.

Need to know:

22 – 24 November
Hamilton’s Rugby Club, Greenpoint
R120 presale
(Tickets available through Paygenius).

There will 200 craft and home brews to choose from and taste. Food stalls, bands and a whole bunch of like minded people. And by like minded, I mean day drinkers.

3. The Boomslang Treetop Canopy Walk


This is probably one of the things I am most excited for. In honour of it’s centenary, Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens (with the help of generous benefactors) are constructing a treetop canopy walk through their Enchanted Forest. The walk, which is wheelchair friendly, will end above the treetops with a panoramic view over the southern suburbs and the Cape Flats.


The walkway curves up through the trees, around the tree trunks and through the branches like a boomslang, which is the nickname been given to it.

Need to know:

It’s not complete yet but they’re hoping it will be by the end of October and I have every intention of being the first up there.

4. The Galileo

I know this was on last year’s list but I felt it deserved a second mention because they have opened up two new venues! In addition to the Kirstenbosch screen which plays every Wednesday, there are now screens at The V&A Waterfront (every Thursday) and at Hillcrest Quarry in Durbanville (every Tuesday).

I spent many, fantastic nights on the grass at Kirstenbosch last year. We watched Top Gun, Frankenstein, Pulp Fiction. And others too I think although my memory is failing me.


Need to know:

5 November – 24 April (every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)
Hillside Quarry, Kirstenbosch Gardens, V&A Waterfront’s Croquet Lawn
R70 – R95
(Tickets available through Webtickets. Booking essential).

Always always book one of those backrests. They are a godsend, the only way to be comfortable for two hours and still be able to see the screen.

Bring a picnic. If you like. And if you think you won’t be jealous of my paella while you’re chewing on cold Woolies mini burgers. No really, the food sold is spectacular and the choice is vast. Bring cash and your appetite.

And definitely bring a blanket, especially for Kirstenbosch. All Capetonians know that Newlands is always five degrees colder than anywhere else.

5. The Rocky Horror Show

I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews. So rave that what was meant to be a winter run musical has been extended to January of 2014 which is fantastic news for hermits like me who prefer not to engage in anything too exciting during the winter months. Hibernation is a sensitive period.

It is, FYI, the first time in the 21st Century that this show has been staged in Cape Town. And also, if you haven’t been to the Fugard theatre before, you must. It’s beautiful. And has a full bar.

True Fugard enthusiasts will begin their theater evening with a meal at the best Portuguese restaurant in town, Dias Tavern, which is just on the next corner. You sit on plastic chairs in what looks like and possible is an old sports hall. But let me tell you, the food will not disappoint.


Need to know:

Until January 2014
The Fugard Theatre
Tue – Fri 20:00 | Sat 16:00 & 20:00 | Sun 17:30
R90 – R230
(Tickets available through Computicket. Booking essential.)

Contact the Dias Tavern on 021 465 7547 to make a booking. You won’t get a table without one.

6. The West Coast Flower Route

The Darling Wildflower show has unfortunately already passed but luckily the flowers haven’t. My family take a day trip up at the beginning of spring every year, it’s a beautiful (and short) drive and the fields of purple and yellow and white flowers against a backdrop of the wild west coast is truly exquisite.

Last summer was very hot but winter started early and the regular rainfall and cold air has ensured that this season is one of the best flower season’s the area has had in years.

Need to know:

All day, every day
All along the West Coast road
Free. Aside from your petrol. Here’s a map:


On your way up, stop for lunch at !Khwa Ttu (the green dot on that map), which is the San Cultural and Educational Centre. They have a fantastic restaurant, serving only venison all of which is raised on their land. I had a mouth-watering eland burger with easily the fattest, crunchiest onion rings I have had in years.


They also have overnight facilities, including a bush village camp (permanent tents) and two houses, and are set on top of a hill overlooking fields of flowers stretching out towards the ocean. It’s quite amazing.

Need to know:

(In descending order of luxury)

R 880 for the Guesthouse (sleeps 6 guests)

R 770 for the Bush Cottage (sleeps 4 guests)

R250 per tent in the Bush Village Camp (R250 per tent; the whole camp sleeps 20 people)

7. Adventure Boot Camp for Women

Listen, I’ve been doing this for four weeks now and I have determined that there is no greater way to start your day sweating in nature. I signed up for the 6:00 class in Kirstenbosch gardens and can honestly say I have loved every single session. I have seen the most incredible sunrises, done squats surrounded by proteas and crunches with a guinea fowl pecking at the grass next to me head. I have splashed my sweat away with water from the stream and lay on my back breathing in sweet, fresh air to bring down my heartrate.

They’re great. Women of all ages and fitness levels take part and when the first person finishes the set, everyone takes a break. You go at your own pace. They have camps at different times and locations all over the city. I recommend finding one somewhere beautiful, it’s great motivation.

And it’s a fun, healthy way to really make the most of the long summer days.


Need to know:

four-week camps, which run year round
All over Cape Town
All times of day
Prices depend on individual camps and decreases the more camps you do.
My camp’s prices were:
R590 for 3 sessions a week
R690 for 5 sessions a week
(Book through the website. Booking essential).

8. First Thursdays

This isn’t a new thing but like I said earlier, winter. Now that the days are longer and the nights are getting warmer and we are unlikely to get caught in a storm while wandering the streets of Cape Town which will force to seek shelter in Clarke’s Dining Room (although the burger was totes worth it), it’s time to start taking this First Thursdays thing more seriously. Every month, on the first Thursday (you guessed it) the galleries of Cape Town open their doors late and, armed with a glass of wine, you are invited to wander from gallery to gallery taking in the art and design that Cape Town is known for.


Need to know:

The first Thursday of every month
Cape Town CBD
Use the map on the website to find a place to start, then follow the crowds.
Until 21:00

Every month they post a map with participating galleries and shops. This is October’s map. The next event is 7 November.


I’m only on eight but the season is young still, there is so much more to add.

I’ve left the obvious ones off the list. I mean you know about all the many amazing markets and you know about the Promenade and Lions Head sunsets and cherry picking and the Kirstenbosch Summer Sunset Concerts. I don’t need to tell you these things.

If you have anything I’ve left off the list, tell me about it! Summer in Cape Town is amazing I’d hate to miss a single thing.

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