Who Has Time to Rest on Their Laurels? Not This Girl.

You know when someone says something to you and it’s so obvious you can’t believe it hasn’t occurred to you before?

I’ve gotten super into exercise recently and I’m properly proud of myself. Last week I attended five gym classes in as many days and that is the most consecutive exercise I’ve done in probably my whole life. By Friday afternoon, I was broken. Not stiff. Just bone-tired. Can’t lift my arms tired. Mentally and physically exhausted.

My schedule currently looks like this:

Adventure Bootcamp
6:00 – 7:00

Adventure Bootcamp
6:00 – 7:00

360 Specialized Training
7:00 – 8:00 (one on one)

Adventure Bootcamp
6:00 – 7:00

Group specialized training class
12:00 – 13:00

360 Specialized Training
7:00 – 8:00 (one on one)

(I didn’t make my Thursday morning class last week. This week. This is the week. Six classes. I can do it.)

So, by the time I got to my Thursday afternoon class I was feeling pretty good about myself. Klapping gym like a pro, boet. It was the first time I had attended this class. Some of the people who work in the offices surrounding mine have organised a weekly group with a personal trainer in the gym downstairs. He’s a nice guy. Calves that could cut glass, to quote my colleague.

He spoke to me quite a lot before the class started. I think he saw me and presumed I was a beginner, based on my weight. It’s safe to say I took him by surprise. Nonetheless, when I spoke to him afterwards and asked him how my fitness levels were he said, “They’re good but how much weight have you lost?” The answer to that is none. I don’t think. I haven’t weighed myself in a year, but I certainly haven’t lost a lot.

He said to me, “It’s great that you go to gym regularly and that you enjoy it but now that you’re there, you need to start setting goals. You need to decided what you want to achieve. Otherwise you’re just going to get bored soon.”

And I was just like, DUH.

My goal was to learn to love exercise. To become strong and fit. To embrace health and embrace myself.

I’ve done this. I have achieved those goals. And now I’m enjoying it, I’m basking in my personal success. But achieving one goal simply leaves space for the next.

My next goal, is to finally lose this goddam weight that I’ve been dragging around. I’ve said for the last year that I’m not interested in being skinny, I’m interested in being healthy.

Well. I’m healthy now. It’s time to stop putting it off. It’s time to tackle the bulge.

Let’s DO this.

6 thoughts on “Who Has Time to Rest on Their Laurels? Not This Girl.

  1. Goals are definitely necessary, every time I lose interest in exercising I realise it is because I do not have a race or new challenging trail or something to explore in the near future. Good luck and keep it going :)

  2. Love that your goal was to learn to love exercise. That’s a great goal. I’m going to make it mine. How did you get there, exactly ? By forcing yourself in the beginning ?

    • By throwing money at it! Hahaha ;) I first got a personal trainer, who helped me get started. Then I started taking myself on walks every weekend. Short ones, 45 min but up steep hills. I went up Constantia Nek or Lion’s Head. And if I was hating it I let myself stop and take a long breather but I was never allowed to turn around. When I started to get more comfortable, I signed up for Bootcamp and I pretty much throw myself out of bed every morning. But now I love it. And I also accepted that I don’t like ordinary gyms and that I am not effective by myself. I love being in nature, I love going for hikes and long walks with a beautiful view. And I perform best when someone is there to motivate me. And when you’re paying someone to train you, there’s extra motivation to get up and go. It’s too expensive to miss a session.

    • Thanks Keri :) The food part is daunting. But I was forced onto a scale yesterday, which I haven’t done in a year, so figure now that I know how much I weigh it’s a good time to start losing! Any food tips, with your stunning figure?

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