Taking Stock, One by One.

(Borrowed this from Keri at Midlands Musings, who got it from The Daybook, who got it from Meet Me at Mike’s. Shew.)

Making: travel plans for all the places I want to see and all the things I want to experience.
Cooking: meth in my basement.
Drinking: Sparkling water and green tea. SUMMER READY.
Reading: The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce. Finally. It’s been in my bookshelf for a year.
Wanting: Direction.
Looking: to the future. Where I want to be and what I want to be doing.
Playing: Candy Crush.
Wasting: my life playing Candy Crush.
Wishing: I had never started playing Candy Crush.
Sewing Knitting: pink practice squares.
Enjoying: Morning workouts in Kirstenbosch Gardens, watching the sun rise over the suburbs. Good for the body and for the soul.
Waiting: for my prince charming. (I’m joking. Also about the meth.)
Liking: My new found energy.
Wondering: Where I’ll be in ten years time.
Loving: My new found energy. Wait, that’s boring. My new found strength. In my arms, my head and my heart.
Hoping: that my trip to India is everything I’m imagining it will be!
Marveling: at the speed at which people are popping out babies this year.
Needing: A decent sports massage to sort out my leg and the shoulder blade which has been numb for about nine months now.
Smelling: Salt in the air and sunshine on tar.
Wearing: My usual combination of jeans and cat hair with a cute top.
Following: my instincts.
Noticing: the days changing, summer creeping in slowly. Taking her sweet time.
Knowing: That I am okay. I am good. I am great.
Thinking: About my cousins, Thomas and Sylvia, and the birth of their baby girl yesterday. Much love!
Bookmarking: Gawker articles and Buzzfeed gifs. For later. (For below).
Giggling:  at yawning, baby .. well I don’t actually know what that is. Baby creatures.

Opening: Erm. Car doors. Windows. New Word documents. The fridge, regularly.
Feeling:  Content.

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