I Wish I Had A Quokka (And Other Ramblings)

Are there any female baristas at Vida? Why I have never met one?

Why do supermarkets keep eggs on the shelf and we take them home and stick them in the fridge?

And I get the whole science  behind long-life but it still concerns me a little bit that milk and fishpaste sit on shelves for weeks before I consume them.

I would very much like my cat to live forever so if anyone knows how to make that happen, please comment below.

The only thing I don’t like about being an only child is worrying that one day, the responsibility of caring for my parents will fall solely on me.

Then again, my grandpa went to Antarctica for his eightieth birthday and is probably definitely fitter than I am and my gran drove a car up until two months before she died, which today I am too scared to drive because only bodybuilders can get that thing to turn a corner. So genetics are in our favour.

I will never not love Wimpy ketchup.

This is a quokka and it’s the happiest animal in the world. We should all be more like the quokka.



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