The World Is A Book

I am incredibly lucky. I have traveled a fair amount in my life already, it’s a love I have inherited from my parents and they have shown me so much of the world already. The thing about traveling is the more you see, the more you want to see.

I am completely wrapped up in my upcoming trip to Varkala, in the Kerala region of India. I’m old school. I have my Lonely Planet guide and a notebook filled with scribbles of what to pack, what to see and what I still need to organise.

Like the visa I keep forgetting to apply for.

And I work and play in the digital world, so inevitably I spend a lot of time online doing my research. And when you hang out on Pinterest travel accounts and Trip Advisor and Airbnb long enough, things start to catch your eye. Photos and reviews and beautiful treehouse accomodation.

So I’ve put together a list of my top ten dream trips, starting (of course) with India.

Kerala, India

30.11.2013 – 12.12.2013


Tokyo, Japan

To see the cherry blossoms, the lights, the design, one hundred types of KitKat and the bagelheads.



Shela Beach, Kenya

Where donkeys and camels are the only form of transport and fisherman fish in colourful doha’s.


Skiathos, Greece

Turquoise waters that let you see right through to the sand below. Winding white stairs that lead you from one traditional door to the next and a chapel set atop a cliff.


New York, New York

The city of dreams.


St Petersburg, Russia

Culture and opulence and colourful architecture.


Budapest, Hungary

Incredible architecture, for that old school European feel.


Koh Rong, Cambodia

This place is nicknamed Paradise for a reason.


San Francisco, USA

The art and design, the hills and the trams and the Golden Gate Bridge.


Alaska, USA

Lush forests and salmon jumping out of lakes. Snow and ice and the romance of small town America.


Disclaimer: All photos taken from Pinterest. I’m sorry I haven’t credited anyone, I save and then forget where I found it. If your photo is on here and you would like to me to either credit it or remove it, just let me know.

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