Pop-Up Pizza with Ferdinando

Right at the top of Loader Street in De Waterkant, tucked into a dark corner, is a little spot called Ferdinando’s. There are no signs and if you walk towards the light, you’re going the wrong way.

It’s just a little house, rented out by Italian Diego and his gorgeous girlfriend Kimon. They met in Ibiza and neither spoke the other’s language. Avid travelers, they decided to set up home in Cape Town with their dog Ferdinando. And all the profits they make from their in-home pizza restaurant they are putting aside for an epic trip to South America.

They reckon about 10 000 pizzas should get them there.


The entrance is through the kitchen, past the dining room where they built a wood-burning pizza oven in the middle of a rental home, and into their lounge where you find a seat on the couch or on a fold out chair. Kimon hands us a menu, every page is dedicated to a pizza and illustrated. That’s all there is, just pizza.

Just the most amazing pizza you will ever experience outside of Italy.

No drinks. Not even a cool drink. Bring all your own liquid refreshments.

The lounge is such a typical digs lounge but with the most beautiful artwork on the walls and an incredible basket chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Ferdinando sits at your feet and watches you eat. And you really just sitting in someone’s lounge. There’s nothing restaurant about it.

We really had an awesome experience, I was so amused the entire time by the whole set up and my food was amazing. I took down the whole thing in one sitting, no problems. We were there for a friend’s birthday so the place was booked out with his guests. They operate as a restaurant on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Saturdays they open on special request. And I believe takeaways are available on Monday and Tuesdays.

Seriously, the pizza is amazeballs.

2 thoughts on “Pop-Up Pizza with Ferdinando

  1. Do you believe in the 6 degrees of separation? i can do better than that:
    You -> Me -> Hugh Grant (my 4th cousin, believe it or not) -> Richard Curtis… Small world!

    • I take it this was meant to comment on the Richard Curtis post? :) Funnily enough, I actually know two sisters who are also loosely related to Hugh Grant! I think he’s a third cousin of theirs, or something.

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