God’s Own Country, the Land of Coconuts

The idea of India popped up in a twitter conversation last Thursday night.

I barely slept because all I could think about was India.

On Friday, I emailed the retreat to see if they had space for me.

And on Saturday, I paid the deposit on my room and booked my flights.

BOOM. Just like that.


94 days

2262 hours

135770 minutes

That’s how long until my plane takes off.

I leave Cape Town International Airport at 13:30 on Saturday, 30th November. I land at Thiruvananthapuram International Airport in the Kerala state of India, on the south west coast, at 09:35. I will be picked up by a driver who will take me to the small temple town of Varkala, about an hour north of Thiruvananthapuram (also known as Trivandrum, the colonial British name).

I am spending two weeks in Varkala, a small town set on top of cliffs overlooking the Arabian sea. The retreat is a called Soul and Surf and is run a British couple called Ed and Sofie who seem just lovely. Mornings start at 6:30 a.m. with a surf, followed by a fresh breakfast in the garden. The day ends with a sunset yoga session on the roof, before dinner. In between we are free to explore the town and the surrounding areas and no one is obligated to partake in the surfing or yoga if they don’t want to.

I do want to and am signing up for surf lessons while I’m there.

When I told my ex-surfer-boyfriend’s mother that I was going to learn to surf she told me she hopes these surfers are nicer than has been my experience. I had a good chuckle at that!

I am literally hopping with excitement. Every now and again I have to jump up and down and wiggle my bum before the excitement just completely overwhelms me.

Kerala translates as “The Land of Coconuts” and it is also known as God’s Own Country, because of the natural beauty of the area. White beaches and palm trees and a maze of backwater routes (which is why it is also sometimes called the Venice of India).

I will be meeting the wonderful Tails of a Mermaid there and I’m so happy to be sharing this trip with her. On the way home I have a fifteen hour layover in Dubai, which I am going to spend in the malls and having dinner with my “little” (HA!) cousin who works as a lifeguard there.

The next 94 days are going to be focused on getting surf-fit (my trainer is super excited, reckons burpees are the way to go :l), finding out everything I can about the area and trying not to platz with anticipation.

राम राम! (That means, ‘bye’)

3 thoughts on “God’s Own Country, the Land of Coconuts

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