Animal Shaped Everything

So a couple of days ago I spoke about The Shoestring Collective pop up shop in Garden’s Center. They were meant to close on Sunday but, surprise, they’re still open!

I spoke to the woman manning the counter today and she tells me they’re taking it on a month-by-month basis, just seeing how it goes.


I’m already in love with the shop and they have a fair chunk of my annual income sitting in their coffers. I have my circle ring from Famke and am still counting on a chevron necklace. I have a potted plant and a collection of various prints and cards from Lauren Fowler, Essie Letterpress and others and I’m still lusting after Lauren’s bear print.

Today I found this. Now, I know it’s creepy. But that’s the point. It’s called the creepy cat planter. It’s perfect. It’s so kitschy and cute and I just want to love it. It comes with either a catnip plant or a Katvoetjie succulent, like in this picture.



It’s made by Feral Goods, who are a kind of a cool story. It’s cat things for cat lovers, by cat lovers and for the cats. Here’s a little thing from their website explaining more:

At Feral Goods we’re freaking obsessed with cats, so much so that we’ve curated a range of designer and vintage homeware, apparel and lifestyle products inspired by our fluffy friends. A percentage of sales will go to a feral cat welfare organisation based in Cape Town, so with every purchase Feral Goods customers help make less fortunate kitties lives more cosy.

Cat crazies unite!

This is how I justify buying creepy cat ceramics. It’s helping the cats.

Help the cats, everyone.


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