How Old Are Your Ears?

I’m pretty rubbish at hearing.

There’s nothing actually wrong with my ears but my brain struggles to differentiate between sounds. So if there’s loud music or lots of background noise, I won’t understand what you’re saying unless I focus all my attention on your face and watch your lips move. I always had to sit in the front row at varsity otherwise I couldn’t understand what the lecturer was saying and I’m not a huge fan of talking on the phone, because I can’t see your face.

But there is nothing wrong with my hearing, my brain just never learnt to separate sounds properly (according to a doctor I asked a few years ago.) Similarly, though unrelated to this blog topic, I also have terrible peripheral vision. Not because there’s anything wrong with my eyes but because my brain just doesn’t think to look to the sides. This is why I fall a lot and knock things over, unless I really concentrate.

Anyway. I’m distracted. The point was, @blindcripple posted this video on Twitter today and I found it quite interesting. Test your hearing! My hearing is rated as under 30 but over 24. I’m 24 (and 8 months) so this is accurate. Would have preferred to fall under the 24 category since having the hearing of a 30 years old means that by the time I hit 30 I’ll have the hearing of a 40 year old.


But, eh. I’m counting it as a win.


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