Infinity Symbols and The Circle Ring

There’s this TV show. It’s very addictive and you find yourself getting sucked in and only the lucky few escape. Eventually it may dawn on you that, actually, it’s a pretty shitty TV show and the story line just gets more and more bizarre. But realizing this and actually putting an end to the madness is another story.

The show is called Revenge and I am a lucky survivor. I managed to get out.

Anyway, the point of that little story was that in the show the infinity symbol is a Big Deal. A thing between the main character and her deceased father. So now, whenever I see the infinity symbol I have ‘Nam like flashbacks. It’s ruined for me.

Which is a huge pity because when I browsed Famke’s stand at The Shoestring Collection Pop-Up Shop I did fall a little bit in love with her infinity symbol, similar to the one below but on the most delicate silver bracelet chain.


Her work is exquisite. Fine detail, everything is delicate and dainty and not at all frilly. Nothing too girly. Which suits me down to the ground. I promised myself I wouldn’t buy myself a circle ring because I know too many people who have one, but when I slipped it on my finger it just belonged. It was perfect. I couldn’t leave it behind and, 24 hours later, I’m still in love.


Her pieces are wildly popular at the moment and deservedly so. I’ve been browsing her website, which you can find here, and I’m heading straight back to Garden’s Center tonight to see if they have this chevron necklace in stock. It’s so beautiful, my stomach flipped when I saw it.


Browse through her online portfolio. Find her work at the Shoestring Collection, open in Garden’s Centre until 11th August. Or shop for her pieces online at Hello Pretty. She trades around the country at markets and collectives too, so check out her Facebook page to see where you can visit her stall.

The Shoestring Collection is only open until the 11th August but if you have some time this long weekend, do yourself a favour and get over there. I went in to buy a birthday gift and came out overwhelmed by amazing. Aside from my circle ring, I also came away with a selection of gift cards by the ever-wonderful Lauren Fowler (who I’ve been a fan of for a while) and a gorgeous A5 Essie Letter Press card, which can totally be used as a print. Which I hope the recipient will.

I’m dreaming about these two prints by Lauren at the moment. Trying to decide between the two is just not bloody possible.

A5_print_2foxes_1024x1024 A5_print_black_bear_1024x1024

I have this problem though that I want all the animals. All of them. All the animal prints and the animal shaped things and the ceramics and the cushions and the wall hooks. ALL OF THEM. My house is going to look like a menagerie of bears and rhinos and birds and cats.

There’ll be no denying the crazy after that.

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