Dream A Little Dream

I keep dreaming of my ex-boyfriend. The ex-ex-ex-ex boyfriend. Numero Uno. My first love. Whom I haven’t seen or spoken to in about six years.

He surfed and wore skater shoes and sanded boards for a living. He lived on the beach and he was the first one to break my heart.

Dear sub-conscious, I don’t understand. What do you want from me.


Have you watched Orange is the New Black? No? YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON THE BEST PARTS OF LIFE. It’s fantastic. Netflix is impressing me beyond at the moment.



4 thoughts on “Dream A Little Dream

  1. I read somewhere that when we dream about people we are actually dreaming about characteristics in them that we see in ourselves, if that makes sense ..? Sometimes that helps me deal with a dream like that.

    Two nights ago I had a dream about my first live-in boyfriend (also a skater) and we broke up 10 years ago… Thanks a lot, brain!

    • Oh that’s interesting. I should do some Googling. I never remember the dreams, I just know he’s in them.

      It has happened in the past, that I’ve dreamt about a person and when I contact them something big is happening in their lives. Especially people I’m close to. I once dreamt a boyfriend was being chased by a giant panda and when I told him the story the next day, it turned out he’d gotten in a fight with some Asian guys that night. Weird.

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