She’s Not Crazy, She’s Family

I do have a funny family sometimes.

My aunt went to Clicks to buy, erm, feminine products.

Tampons. We’re all adults here. She went to buy tampons.

The queue was too long and her patience wasn’t. This isn’t her fault, it’s the Germanic genes.

So she took her business to Woolworths, where there was no queue but the tampons were R17 more expensive.

Incensed by the unreasonable price difference, my aunt looked around to see where she could make her money back.

Her eyes fell on the Scheckters fridge, a favourite of both hers and mine. Lo and behold! They were R2 cheaper than at the corner deli where she usually buys them.

And this how I ended up with ten Scheckter’s Organic in my fridge. My aunt bought back her R17.

And then some.

They’re all crazy but I ain’t complaining.




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