Nothing But Trouble

Two different parties where burlesque dancers stripped down to their pasties, in one night? Well, if that’s not something to blog about I don’t even know anymore.


The first was a fiery redhead called Scarlett (go figure) who formed part of the entertainment at Nothing But Trouble, a prohibition style boxing match held at Sideshow. The boxers were amateur fighters from the Armoury Boxing Club and all proceeds from the evening were donated to Dare to Share, a Cape Town based charity.

What a night. The most fun I’ve had in a long time. You know when you go through a bit of a flat period and you kind of forget what real fun feels like? I was in that period.

The fun found me again.

It was a 1920’s theme and like a total chop, I didn’t bother dressing up because it was cold. Other, more awesome people than me thought around this and there was enough fur in that room to give the whole of PETA a collective heart-attack. Strings of pearls and long cigarette stems. Fringe dresses and bowties; feather headbands and bowler hats. The men stood around with their thumbs tucked into their braces, cheering on the fighters. The women sipped at Vodka Scheckter’s and turned their heads away when blood was drawn.

Anya 'Angry Birds' Klaassen with her coach.

Anya ‘Angry Birds’ Klaassen with her coach.


Shaun 'The Black Sheep' Clarke entering the ring.

Shaun ‘The Black Sheep’ Clarke entering the ring.


The Big Cat and the Black Sheep face off.

The Big Cat and the Black Sheep face off.

Michael 'The Big Cat' Prince faces Shaun 'The Black Sheep' Clarke.

Michael ‘The Big Cat’ Prince faces Shaun ‘The Black Sheep’ Clarke.

In between the fights, of which there were eight, we were entertained by performers from Aphrodizzyacts. There were bikini clad dancers and a girl in a sequined bra spinning fire poi. And then there was Scarlett, who danced with two giant feather fans and slowly removed every item of clothing until she was left in nothing but panties and two glittery stars obscuring her nipples.

Those are called pasties, I learned.

What a fantastic night. Well organised, such fun. Monks waiters were wandering around with boxes of spring rolls and my all-time favourite energy booster, Scheckter’s Organic, were everywhere.

I had two friends fighting. No winners were declared, because it was all in the name of fun and charity. But between you and me, we got us two champions here.


Oh, and that second burlesque dancer? Well, I won’t get too into it. I’ll just paint a little picture for you.

The back room at Obz Bru. A black corset. And underneath that, two little kitty pasties.



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