Where in the world is Kirst?

It’s like I’ve dropped off the face of the planet. In social media terms anyway.

I hardly blog, I tweeted twice this weekend and I haven’t logged onto Facebook in two weeks.

I think it’s got a lot to do with the job. I spend all day behind a computer, working online. I manage social media platforms for clients, browse the net for interesting articles pertaining to my clients and the industry. Write documents and status sheets and contact reports. I look at numbers and statistics and try work out how the hell Ubervu works. My off time is now the only time I get away from my computer!

Also, my Blackberry is in the final throes of death and I can’t find my tablet charger.

Anyway, this is what I’ve been up to:

1. That job? It’s now mine forever. Permanent since Friday, BOOYAH.

2. I’m house sitting for my parents for three weeks. My life in July will be all about indulgence. Hot baths, reality TV shows on DSTV, hundreds of cat pictures. I’m excited.

3. Went for a lovely walk in Newlands Forest on Sunday with the three dogs. We stopped in the clearing where you can look over the whole of the southern suburbs and beyond. When we got up to leave again Claire’s four-year old said, “Wait, I think we should sit here and look at the world a bit longer.”


Sitting against the tree in the middle, is a little blonde boy. Try spot him if you can.

4. And today I decided to participate in Fat Mum Slim’s Photo A Day challenge for July. Figured, why the heck not? I’m a day behind so will have to double up today’s photos. I’ll be posting on Instagram, find me by clicking here or by searching for thejollyjammer. (Everr’time).


3 thoughts on “Where in the world is Kirst?

  1. Kirst, if you ever need help on the uberVU front, don’t hesitate to reach out! Our Client Services team is stellar (ok, I’m a little bit biased there), and I’m always around to answer social media questions, too. Good luck accomplishing everything – I hope we can help simplify things a bit for you, and know that as a social media manager, I totally feel your pain!! I’m elisabeth at ubervu dot com if you ever need to get in touch with a question or rant about job stress. :-)

    Elisabeth, Social Media Manager at uberVU

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