Oh, Hello You

So, yesterday I bought fifteen plastic containers with pink lids. I cooked lunch last night and brought it to work and I cooked extra and froze it.

I bought a new plug for our sink because the old one isn’t plugging anymore.

I wore matching socks two days in a row and managed to get myself to gym by 7 a.m. three times this week.

I cross stitched an owl, limited myself to two episodes of Bones a night and was asleep by 11 p.m. everrr’day.


I am also crazy busy at work with conferences and articles due and projects to manage and working late.

Being an “adult” is very time consuming and really tiring.

So the blog is lagging a bit and the social life is kind of tame, but that’s also got to do with the torrential downpour we’ve had the last few weekends which make leaving the house seem like something only a crazy person would do.

And no one around here is crazy. You can ask my therapist.

*swats at invisible fly.


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