Working in a Digital Agency is not for the Sane Minded.

You’ve got the degree, but have you got what it takes?

When you spend nine (high pressure) hours of your day behind a computer screen, things start getting a little crazy. Try to keep up.

Things they should put in the job descriptions:

1. Must love nineties disco tunes.

2. Must be willing to share your sweets/ rusks/ painkillers/ assorted treats.

3. Must be able to carry multiple Vida coffee cups at once.

4. Must have thick skin and a sense of humour. (Particularly useful when someone throws a shoe at you.)

5. Good reflexes are beneficial. (See above.)

6. Would be great if you can keep a plant alive. Because no one else can.

7. Post-It, pen and portable phone thieves are not welcome.

8. Neither are stapler and calculator thieves.

9. This also applies to aircon remote hiders.

10. Foosball skills are not a must, but some experience is recommended.

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