A Birthday, A Bottle of Patron and A Lot of Love

My dad had a big birthday recently and I spent some happy hours pouring over old photo albums dating back to 50’s, soaking up the years of my father’s life.

From a childhood in Austria with five siblings. University in Switzerland. Emigrating to South Africa at 25, just about the same age I am now.

When he first arrived here my father started his job, his new life, working in a clothing company on Brickfield Road.

Today that building is the Upper East Side and is where I have been working for the last five months.

It’s a beautiful symmetry, a kind of deja vu.

We celebrated this all on Sunday, in the Upper East Side building. There was lots of wine and lots of champagne and when they kicked us out after a six hour breakfast, there was brandy and Patron around the fireplace at home.

Patron in wineglasses because the ballies don’t mess around.

p11 p16p20p27 p26p28p30p37 p35p54

And this one is out of place but I found it in the albums and I loved it. my granny, my mom’s mom, died in 1999 when I was ten.

I remember her well, even the way she smelt. She always wore perfume and baby powder.

Stylish to the end.


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