“A Cup of Coffee Shared With a Friend is Happiness Tasted and Time Well Spent”

My school friend Nikki has opened a cafe with her friend Ash, in the garden of an antique and home decor store on Main Road, between Diep River and Bergvliet.


If you’re ever looking for a breakfast spot in the southern suburbs, this is it. And I’m not just saying it out of bias. Coffee at the Backyard Cafe feels like you’re hanging out at your favourite cousin’s house. The whole garden is filled with huge, beautiful rose bushes and plants everywhere. There’s a massive fountain and a vegetable garden. Pretty ribbon hang above your head and everything is a different colour.

Nikki and Ash run the cafe themselves, with some help from friends on weekends. Every meal is accompanied by a chat and the little kitchen opens onto the patio, so they’re always near by.

For us especially it’s great, it’s become such a popular spot with old classmates and their families that I know I’ll see someone I know on a Saturday morning. This Wednesday (Workers Day, woohoo!) I popped in for tea and breakfast with my friend Jade, also a Springfielder, and we bumped into four of our former classmates.

IMG-20130501-00987IMG-20130501-00986IMG-20130501-00985IMG-20130501-00988The prices are really great, the food is all fresh and home made and the coffee is Origin. I stole these pictures from their Facebook page (the ones below. The ones above were all my own) so you can see their menu. It’s totally kid friendly too, lots of place to run around and far off the street.


947_507209845955696_569824343_n 541191_507209999289014_247001000_n

And as a side note, Nikki is the younger sister of Good Luck‘s lead singer Juliet.

420791_388804357796246_1471287538_nI can, from experience, highly recommend the flapjacks, the croissant with scrambled eggs and bacon, the Garden Shed and the Jungle Gym. Also, the Hulk smoothie, the carrot cake and the red velvet.

What. We go there a lot.

I actually haven’t had lunch there yet, I’m a breakfast gal. I’ll put that in the books for next week.

Find them at 4 Sol Cohen Road, Bergvliet. They’re open from Tuesday to Saturday, 9am to 2pm.

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