This One is About Decorex SA and My New Hobby

I have a new hobby!

Or, I plan on making it a hobby. The first hobby I’ve ever had.

Thanks to the gorgeous Lauren Fowler (whom my mother and I are both crushing on. Mom thinks she’s “very stylish” and I think she’s the coolest chick you’ll ever know) my mother and I attended Decorex at the CTICC this Saturday.

And yes, I gots to take home that beautiful print which is currently trying out a few spots on my wall trying to find it’s new home. The entrance hallway is looking it might be the winner.


decorex snake

[Picture courtesy of her blog.]


Lauren’s Decorex stall. [Picture courtesy of Curate This Space].

Took a million of photos of things I love and want and cannot afford. Fell head over heels, passionately in love with an armchair that costs R8000. I have never felt so passionately about a piece of furniture before.

This is what grown up feels like.

May possibly post some photos later but I have been reminded, once again, how badly I want an iPhone if only for the camera. Blackberry camera sucks and the flash makes everything look yellow. So all my pictures look grainy and lame. Do yourselves a favour and take a look at this post on Curate This Space to see some of the best Decorex had to offer. They don’t have a photo of The Armchair or of the wooden cloud cutouts I bought for my wall, but they did a good job anyway.

Back to my hobby, my mother and I each bought a DIY cross stitch set from Lauren. My mom’s reads “Know Thy Self” and mine says “Home Sweet Fucken Home”.



Cross stitching. I mean, me with a needle in hand. I never did home ec. I have never used a sewing maching, I can sew on a button and possibly mend a small tear. But I can’t hem anything. My one attempt at knitting in grade eight was both disastrous and hilarious and, truthfully, my cousin did most of the work for me anyway.

So I was really looking forward to this. I got started as soon as I got home and within two minutes I made my first major fuckup. I got my thread all tangled up in a huge mess which is just not fixable. I managed to pull out enough thread to get one word done.

And then realised after that I had made my second fuckup. The spacing between my letters isn’t uniform. So the ‘S’ ‘W’ and first ‘E’ are closer to each other than the second ‘E’ and the ‘W’ are to each other.


So anyway. Whatever. For a first attempt I’m pretty damn proud of myself. It took me a good few hours and I never even noticed. Suddenly I looked up and realised I had missed a coffee date (sorry Claire!) and was about to be late for dinner.

In my lunch hour today I’m going to pop down to the huge fabric shop on Sir Lowry Road and pick up some extra thread and a few more hoops (totes had to google the right name for them).

And then I have EXCITING plans to lie on the couch and watch True Blood and cross stitch all weekend.

Who needs a boyfriend, right?

Like it’s 1937, baby.

Find Lauren on her website or on her blog, LOST IS A PLACE TOO.

Oh, and if anyone has some kiff cross stitching patterns (words I never thought I’d say) send ’em my way. Momma wants.

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