There Will Always Be Photographs

[Courtesy of @History_Pics]
Smoking a cigarette while riding the Tour de France. 1920The Cincinnati Public Library, 1874 We want beer parade in Manhattan during prohibition, 1932 Soldiers departing for Egypt kiss their loved ones goodbye. London, 1935 Stewardesses in 1968! The Beatles in a swimming pool in Miami. 1964 Pele's famous bicycle kick at Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, 1965 Famous image of workers having lunchtime, while constructing the RCA building in New York, 1932 Maurice Tillet, a wrestler suffering from acromegaly. He died in 1954, and was the inspiration for the Shrek movies. On Sunday, 3rd September 1967, Sweden changed from driving of the left to driving on the right. This is what happened Anne Frank. Amsterdam, 1941 A small white boy touches the riot shield of a black state trooper at a Ku Klux Klan rally in Atlanta, Georgia, 1992 A T-shirt Keith Richards wore during a tour through the Americas. 1975 Bill Gates and Paul Allen, in the beginning years of Microsoft, and now.

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