JanSport launched in South Africa and Now I’ll Probably Have to Fire my Chiropractor.

You know how I’m this super pumped gym bunny who klaps gym, boet? (Although, usually gym klaps me).

Well I’m still a newbie, just starting out. I still train in takkies instead of Vivo barefoot trainers and I just bought my first pair of gloves and my first pair of kettlebells. I’m like a kid in grade one buying my first space case with the matching juicebox.

And every new first grader needs a cool school bag.

This is my gym bag. It’s not cool.

I bought it for 2 euros (my computer doesn’t have a euro symbol) in Florence on a matric art trip. It’s dirty and stained, with what may or may not be salad dressing. I’m not entirely sure at this point. And it doesn’t fit all my stuff. My bath towel or my takkies fit in but not both at the same time.

Kind of embarrassing when all my gym buddies (ha!) are carrying around their fancy bags with space for everything, even their toiletry bags.

So yay for me! I was gifted this beautiful, bright purple rucksack by the lovely folks over at JanSport, which is an international company who have recently launched in South Africa.

Cape Town, 2013. JanSport®, the original outdoor gear brand that equips people globally with
quality backpacks, travel gear and collegiate apparel has just launched in South Africa. The goal at
JanSport is to design and manufacture products that get you from point A to B, wherever that may be.

Picture2It’s so lovely and clean and bright. My shoes look so tatty next to it. And it’s big! Space for everything.

I took it with me to gym on Wednesday. I managed to to fit:

  • My bath towel
  • my toiletry bag
  • Entire work outfit
  • And my shoes

And it still fit perfectly into my locker! And nobody shot me judgey looks.


It’s a really great quality rucksack. I have no doubt it’s going to last a long while, it’s meticulously stitched and the straps feel sturdy. Perfect for a gym bag, overnight bag, hiking bag (champagne hike on Lions Head, anyone?) or even a school bag. I know how heavy those law school text books are.

Save your back, buy a rucksack.

Check them out here for supplier details and all the colours in the range! I have a bright bluey-purple, and they have some new colours launching next month which include pink, orange and blue.


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