The Fucket List v2.0

It’s truly shameful that I haven’t updated this since I first started the blog. It was one of the main things I was going to write about.

But you know, life gets in the way of our best intentions!

I’m staying at my parent’s for a few days while they’re away. They have a scanner and my original list is in a notebook in my flat. So, I wrote a new one.

I call it version two point oh.
Fucket_ListHere’s a quick recap of the ones I’ve crossed off, the ones I haven’t yet and the ones I’ve added (not all of them, just a few key ones):

1. Well, that’s pretty obvious.

2. I’ve contemplated taking this one off the list. I don’t want a tat for the sake of getting one and I don’t want to go looking for one. If it feels right, I’ll do it. If it happens, it happens.

4. Shot a rifle, got the black eye to prove it. Proof? Here you go!

9. Kelly at Scar Hair is my hero.

12. Turns out, I’m employable! Lookee here.

15. It’s the dream, right?

16. So I can say, “Cuddling on the couch with George Clooney” and it won’t be a lie.

17. Had five girls over for dinner when I moved into my flat. Chicken pesto pasta and Eton Mess for dessert and NO ONE GOT FOOD POISONING. Success.

20. I am an African and I want to know my land.

21. It’s not about being skinny, it’s about being healthy and happy and loving myself. Kyle at 360 Specialized Training is helping me with this.

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