Basorexia (n.) The Overwhelming Urge To Kiss

It’s no secret I’m single.

I have been for a while. My last (every) break up was messy, that’s not really a secret either although I’ve kept most of the details off here. There is so little dignity in a break up, I’d like to try hold on to whatever I can.

It’s something I’ve been struggling with again lately.

I try not to moan about it, mostly I make jokes about hanging out with my cat. But I do find it difficult.

I find it especially difficult because I have very few single friends. And while I truly love my friends with all my heart, it isn’t fun to sit through a “girl’s night” where the discussion topics include bachelorette ideas, engagement ring dreams, romantic getaway plans and rants about potential future in-laws.

I have nothing to contribute

What I want is to be kissed.

To be held and loved and appreciated.

I’ve said it before, I know I have.

3 6c5c5e0016beef021a5c329870b5d96e http-whrt-it-tsk36c 42556919785 let go

Two years ago, when everything changed, I had a reason to not fall apart. I don’t have an excuse anymore.

So I kind of keep thinking, now what?

Two years. Good god.

6 thoughts on “Basorexia (n.) The Overwhelming Urge To Kiss

  1. I’m not even going to bother repeating myself, so here’s something new.

    Too much pressure and it’s sure to break before it’s even built. Take it easy. You’re putting a time frame on your happiness and a relationship. Don’t.

    It’s better to be single than to ride the see saw I’m on. Going through all the motions all the time to try and find that someone and what happens? Disappointment. It’s the same end result, even if I get the morally grey benefit of sex, which isn’t all that great either to be honest. It’s still empty, it’s still lonely.

    I meet someone I like in a gay bar in Cape Town and even if all the hazard signs were flashing that it would never fly… I go ahead and I try… and it fails… and here we go again…

    Being caught in one of those relationships is one of the most lonely experiences you can ever have…

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