The Two Gails

Sundays, for the most part, are spent with my family.

My Family :

1. My parents, my home and my animals.

2. People related by blood, law and/or societal norms.

3. Friends. People who have been around forever, for the important things and the unimportant things. People with whom everyone can have fun with, everyone can relate to, everyone gets involved.

On Sunday we (my parents and I) spent the afternoon in Somerset West, at a braai to celebrate the birthday of Robyn. Robyn is the daughter of Gail, who is my mom’s (also Gail) oldest friend.

They started grade one together in Pretoria and were inseparable all through school.

In the last forty years they have lived in different towns, provinces, countries and continents. They got married at different times; Gail’s youngest child is eight years older than me, my mom’s only child.

Their stories are different, their lives have taken different paths.

But there we all sat on a Sunday afternoon, laughing and joking and sharing stories.

That’s family, for me.

Gail has just come back to South Africa, having lived in the UK for the last seven-ish years. And while going through boxes that had been in storage here, she stumbled across some old photos.

Looks like they’ve been Instagrammed, right?

Hashtag no filter.


The Two Gails (my mother on the left)

These photos were taken when the two Gails were nineteen, so in the mid ’70s. The other Gail has just been proposed to by her now-husband, Hennie, and the two girls fled to the beaches of Ramsgate to consider this new development.


They had barely arrived, when Hennie pitched up too. So I guess in a way, this could be considered an engagement celebration?


Gail (my mother) and Hennie (fiance of the other Gail)

My mom is beautiful.

These two also fell into the pile. Apparently they were fooling around with a camera in the other Gail’s parents garden.

My mom, the shmodel. (And sneaky smoker).



I love these pictures so much. I know I have a box of pictures of my dad from back in the day which I’ve always adored. I need to find them, these pictures deserve to be framed on my wall.

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