The Great Banana Egg Pancake Experiment

I haven’t been totally healthy this week. Got a bit of a head cold, touch of sinusitis. And I woke up on Wednesday feeling pretty miserable.

So I took a couch day.

Sick Kirst is grumpy Kirst. Sick Kirst has no interest in getting dressed or leaving the safety of her flat or, god forbid, interacting with people. People like Pick n Pay cashiers.

So when hunger struck at about 10 a.m. and I opened the fridge, I was heartbroken to discover … well, not much.

I remembered seeing somewhere someone talking about pancakes made out of only eggs and banana, food items which I happened to have. So with a bit of Googling I found this recipe (which I doubled. I was hungry). I’m told it’s a totally Paleo friendly meal.


Six eggs
Two bananas
Two tsp salt
Two tsp cinnamon

Picture1Put all your ingredients in a mixing bowl,
Picture2 And mix until it’s smooth, no banana lumps.Picture3Cook as you would a traditional pancake.
Medium heat, flip when mixture is set.

Picture4Serve with fresh fruit or honey.

Looks delicious, right?

They weren’t. They were awful.

Use less salt. The recipe called for two teaspoons, a pinch would have been plenty.

Make sure you have honey or syrup on hand. I didn’t.

I tried butter.

I tried sugar.

I tried them plain.

My flat mate tried them.

There’s still a huge stack in the fridge.

We just couldn’t choke them down.

The only thing we did eat were the black figs, which were just delicious. So at least there was that.

And salami. Salami saved the day.

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