Design Indaba and Other Cool Cape Town Things

This week has just been the best of Cape Town.

I told you about the Pink Flamingo Cinema on Monday, Tuesday was a snoek braai on my parent’s stoep looking up at the Hout Bay mountains.

Wednesday was a meeting of the minds at 27 Dinner, over a Frieda’s burger.

Thursday was drinks at Ricks and dinner at Fat Cactus, where I had two bites of a chicken enchilada before remembering I had ordered a burrito. Awks.

Friday I had my first ever face peel at Mooi on Kloof and spent the evening hiding a shiny face on Claire’s new balcony.

Saturday I had dinner at the fabulous Pot Luck Club, which gets a post of it’s own (tomorrow) because it was just that amazing.

And Sunday I went to the 2013 Design Indaba with my parents!


We go every year and, seriously, this was the best year yet. It was packed inside, we started in the jewelry section but it was crazy and trying to get close enough to the stalls to actually see the peices was a rib-suicide mission. I did spot the wonderful Two Birds with Some Stones, who I bought these earrings from last year.


Wear them all the time. All. The. Time. They have some really great pieces, both classic and quirky. Definitely check out the link, I’ve got my eye on a few peices!

We didn’t see much of the fashion either, my parents and I have more of an interest in innovative designs, furniture and decor.

There was so much incredible stuff and so many news articles and bloggers talking about the expo, there is no way and no point in me going through all of it. So I’ll just tell you my favourites.


Picture5I bought one of these! A wooden build-it-yourself rhino in different sizes. The smaller size works fantastically as a pencil holder, the bigger one (which I took home) is a magazine rack (R400, Design Indaba price).


A portion of the sale price goes to rhino conservation, a cause I’m passionate about. And I am stoked to have one of these beautiful creatures holding all my Elle Forbes magazines.

Ahem. What.

(I haven’t filled it with magazines yet because in a recent spring-cleaning frenzy, I chucked all the magazines out. Because I had no where to keep them, obviously).

Design Kist

I beelined this stall because I knew about her awesome prints. Everything from Marmite wallpaper, to bunnies/ Proteas/ Shweshwe/ Transkei cows print scatter cushions. She makes cushions, wallpaper, fabric and silk screen prints in a huge range of quirky South African flavours.

I was trying (and failing) to decide between two cushions when my eye fell on a limited edition ‘Zoo Koekie’ silk screen print. I had to have it.

IMG_20130303_142624 (1)So very very stoked with it. I nearly took the rhino print, but I figure two rhino’s in one day was a bit of overkill. And look! 2/10. LIMITED, BITCHES. (R350, Design Indaba price).

Graeme Bettles Design


So unfortunately by now my cash had run out. Had it not, there would be one of these babies sitting in my living room right now. I even know exactly where it would go and I want a big one, a floor lamp.

imgresimgresHow sweet is that! Too great. My parents have seen it and they know. Christmas/ birthday, baby. This is the problem with having all gift-receiving occasions in the same month, I have to wait all year to request something special.

There was so much there that I wanted. So many prints. A massive framed print of the word ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’. A huge Ashanti Design floor pillow, which I can just see myself curling up on for an epic nap. Beautiful furniture, armchairs and seventies inspired coffee tables.

The most fantastic expo, definitely my favourite one yet. I cannot wait for next year.

I’m setting up a savings account especially.

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