The Pink Flamingo Cinema | The Wedding Singer


I’ve been wanting to pay a visit to The Pink Flamingo Cinema for months and last night I finally got there!

Claire and I met there after work. We took the cheap ticket option, R60 for the movie and a bag of popcorn. Turns out we were huuuuuuungry and ended up ordering a delicious pasta anyway.

The movie was The Wedding Singer.

The-Wedding-Singer-movie-poster A nineties classic and I’m pretty sure I actually hadn’t watched it since it was first released fifteen years. It stars a fresh faced Drew Barrymore, Adam Sandler (in arguably his best ever role) and it also features Ellen Albertini Dow, who was the Betty White of the nineties!

Remember this?

I was this close to posting three more videos on here. I won’t. But guys.

Guys, I had forgotten how FUNNY this movie is. I literally LOL’ed. ROFLMAO. ROTFLSHMSFOAIDMT.

(Google the last one if you don’t know it.)


The cinema was lovely, definitely a great experience. It’s on top of the Grand Daddy Hotel on Long Street, on the rooftop where their famed five star airstream trailers are located. I took some pics, but this one from their website is better. Where that table is? That’s where the chairs are set up. Take a jersey with you. It’s open air, they don’t provide blankets and it’s getting a little chilly these days.


They served us fresh, salty popcorn in brown bags and a little pack of old school sweets. It was so quaint and sweet. I would have photographed it but it was already pretty dark and you guys know what popcorn looks like.

My only complaint was that we sat in upright chairs which got a bit uncomfortable but I don’t really like sitting in chairs anyway, anywhere. And if we had moved our asses a bit we could have gotten one of the two double sofas in the front.

It was genuinely a lovely evening. Check out their website for the upcoming films, they play a movie every Monday evening. Next week is The Fifth Element which is one of FAVOURITE MOVIES EVER and I’m also pretty keen to see Erin Brokovich again, it’s been forever.

Lovely evening with my lovely Claire. Good for the soul.


2 thoughts on “The Pink Flamingo Cinema | The Wedding Singer

  1. LOVE that place. When we went they did have blankets, but maybe because it was in winter… I feel that no matter how early you decide to get there, there’ll always be someone who got there before you and took the comfy couches.

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