I Went For A Walk and Accidentally Created This

I am forcing myself fit at the moment.

Pretty much this entails bribing, threatening and beating myself into the gym and up the mountain.

I went for a walk up Constantia Nek on Sunday. When I want to walk alone, which I do while I’m this unfit, this is my chosen route. There are plenty of families, housewives and retirees who walk these routes regularly. You are never alone up there and I never feel unsafe.

There are a couple of routes you can take, including one which doesn’t appear on the map. The one I took, of course.


It’s a rocky, stumbling path that cuts straight up the mountain. It cuts out a lot of distance but you pay the price in lung explosion and trembling legs.

It’s steep.

But when you get near the top, when you’re high enough to see over the tops of the trees, this is the view you that greets you.

Picture3Not bad for a Blackberry camera, right?

I’m pretty proud of this. I had no intention of creating a 180 view, but when I was looking at the photos after I realised I had done just that.

It’s a quick walk. Maybe fifteen minutes up the rocky path, and another 30 minute stroll down the jeep path (the long way round), which takes you through the forest and back to the car.

Pine needles cover the floor of the forest, a soft blanket.

Everything is at peace.


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