What is Beautiful Anyway

The term beauty is redefined constantly.

Marilyn Monroe, considered to be one of the most beautiful women who ever lived, was curvy. She had love handles you could grab and cellulite on her thighs. Ten years ago, she would have been torn about by the media.

Ten years ago? Even two years ago.

In fact, even today.

Adele is ridiculed constantly for her weight, her critics choosing to focus on her physical imperfections rather than her voice and the beauty that radiates from her face.

These people have used their imperfections to their benefits. They have carved out careers for themselves, throwing their every flaw into the public eye.

These people are redefining beauty.

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Andre Pejic. Androgynous model.Picture8

Adele. Grammy winning singer.

Kate Upton. Swimwear and lingerie model.


Diandra Forrest. Albino model.Picture10

Shaun Ross. Albino model.

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