Rise Against Ramfest!

Ramfest 2013 is coming up in just a few weeks and I am on a ticket mission! Fingers crossed they don’t sell out before next pay day, or else I’m entering Every. Single. Competition. Out. There.


I remember back in the day when Ramfest was just a little show in an obscure venue in Stellenbosch. An ex and I drove his brother up, popped in for a bit. Chilled. Had a beer.

And now!



Ironically, I know this band because of this ex but my love for them is one of the few things that survived the break up.

This is what you need to know (about Cape Town. Check website for Durban and Jozi details):

– Ramfest is happening in Riviersonderend, a few hours outside the mother city.

– Festivities kick off on Thursday, 7th March and run through to Sunday, 10th March.

– Rise Against plays late on Saturday night.

– Normal festival facilities apply.

– Tickets are R550 and can be bought here.

– Sponsorships (of me) are greatly appreciated.



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