“the Scared is scared” | A Valuable Life Lesson

Never underestimate the wisdom behind the stories kids tell.

Bianca Giaever was about to graduate from college. She asked a six year old friend to tell her a story she could make into a movie, and in the process she learned a valuable life lesson.

the Scared is scared

It’s a story about a mouse and a bear who go swimming. Somehow, and it’s not entirely clear how, it turns into a pep talk (from the six year old) about what to do when you’re feeling scared. You got to make your SCARED scared.

Don’t get it? Just watch.

“I am a radio, multimedia, and film producer originally from Seattle, Washington. I just graduated from Middlebury College in Middlebury, VT, where I made my own major in Narrative Studies. I obsessively record the conversations I have with people. I’ve made radio pieces include on strangers who have dinner, veterans, poetry teams, my little brother coming out, private prisons, and Tibetan immigrants among others. I’m happiest when I’m making films out of radio stories.”


When I’m scared I think about these things:

– My cat


– The Gilmore Girls (WWLD – What Would Lorelai Do?)

– Bubbles and candyfloss and fairylights

– The time I travelled around Europe with two of my favourite people


– My bed

– Your hug


– Haribo Goldbaren

– The feeling of sand squidging between my toes

– Driving until you find the perfect spot to stop


Go away Scared, you’re not needed here anymore!

I do really miss your hugs though.

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