Superbowl Weekend | I’m Just Here For the Ads


It’s Superbowl weekend, the most expensive advertising slot available. The ads are big. The ads are better. The ads are works of art.

I’m told they play some kind of sports too, I think maybe football.

I’ve written before (here) about one of my favourite TV spots ever, which aired during the 2011 Superbowl: Darth Vader and the VW Passet. It’s worth a watch, so go do that now.

I’ve never written about this next one before but it is fantastic, possibly one of the best pieces of digital marketing I’ve ever come across.

Coca Cola, who anyway have the best ads, decided to bring back the classic polar bears for the 2012 Superbowl. Now, this was tricky. How to reintroduce a retired character(s) during the most expensive and most watched TV experience in the American calendar? They knew it had to be nothing anyone had ever done before.

So they did this: The reactive polars bears. The set up a microsite where superbowl viewers could share the game experience with the polar bears.

That’s right. The polar bears were watching the game.

Here, watch this:

There are some really awesome teaser ads on Youtube already (yip, ads for ads. That’s how cool these ads are), setting the tone for Sunday. Like this Samsung one starring Paul Rudd and the dude from Knocked Up, Seth Rogen, planning their Superbowl Ad. But they’re not allowed to use the term ‘Superbowl’ or any names related to the Superbowl. Which makes things tricky.

I’ve watched a couple of these already but the one that has me the most intrigued is Pepsi’s “Brandon’s Party”. They’ve loaded a bunch of video’s on their Youtube channel (here), or just watch this one! A bunch of guys in a supermarket are buying the most crazy, ridiculous things. And then they invite everyone to a party … dun dun duhhhhhhhn.

I’m taking Monday off work to Youtube.

I mean, I’m sick. *cough cough*


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