Day 31 | Where are Those New Years Resolutions Now?

We start off the year with the best intentions and then somewhere along the way we forget and we slip.

But not me! Not this time.

Someone get me a gold star and a HIGH FIVE.


In THIRTY ONE days I have:

* Not smoked a single, itsy bitsy cigarette. Not even a puff of one.

* Not stepped foot inside a Macdonalds or KFC, not taken one bite of any of their foods. Not even a chip. Not even a McFlurry. A MCFLURRY, PEOPLE. (I have, I admit, eaten one lowly Steers meal).

* Brought lunch to work just about every day. Saving money and choosing healthier options!

I need to work on exercise (fell to the wayside. Meh) and surrounding myself with intelligent, interesting people who make me feel good about myself.


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