Here’s Why You Should Consider Moving to England

I read the Daily Mail okay whatever STOP JUDGING ME.

It’s funny. And gripping. And allows me the freedom to judge people openly.

Like this gem I stumbled on recently.

‘Why should we work? Our parents pay tax so we’re entitled to benefits’: Couple living off £17,000 handouts say working for the minimum wage is unfair


Aside from whatever other issues are at play here (death of moral society, British politics, teen pregnancy) the bottom line remains that living off benefits is more lucrative than working a minimum wage job.

Hell, living off British benefits is a lot more lucrative than working any job in South Africa that doesn’t have ‘Managing Director’ in the title.

Oh yes. I put it through the Google calculator.

These fine folks, who I would imagine spend their time smoking roll-ups and watching their 47″ flat screen TV (both expenses referenced in article. Oh, and for the record I don’t even own a TV) are bringing home a whopping:

currency converter

Would you like me to spell that out for you? That’s two hundred and fifty one thousand, five hundred and seventy RONT and forty nine cents per annum.

I’m off to England. See you guys on the flipside.

*Disclaimer: I don’t actually think this is cool. I think this is sad.

I think it is sad that these two young people, who should be at the forefront of their careers, don’t have the motivation to get up and go find a job. I feel sad for the example they are setting for their child. I feel sad that they are not willing to start at the bottom, work for minimum wage, and climb their way up the ladder. I worked in retail for two years. It’s tough, it’s relentless. And it taught me invaluable life lessons. And look where I am today. Still near the bottom, but I’ve found my footing and I’m starting the climb.

More so, I think it is sad that this situation is possible at all. Where do their government’s priorities lie if they are willing to reward unemployment? An eighteen year old and a 21 year old. Can they really claim to be unemployable? How is it possible for a minimum wage to not even be worth their while?


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