Tjoon Monday | Toya DeLazy

Sundays at Kirstenbosch are a summer ritual dating back to childhood. I remember the days when you could buy tickets on the day, there was no queue and you never had to worry about finding a parking space within walking distance of the gates.

That was yesterday. All the cool kidzz were at Swedish House Mafia, leaving the lawns open for the rest of us. Mom and I bought tickets on a whim the day before.

It was an utterly gorgeous day, parking was a breeze and we found a great spot for the two of us and our little blanket. With dinner already planned for that evening, we just took grapes and popcorn and biltong.

And Toya DeLazy is a rockstar. Mom loved her, I loved her even more. I even bought her CD which, I’m ashamed to admit, is the first CD I’ve bought since high school!


I’ve been in a slump this month. As thrilled as I am to have started an awesome job, I feel heavy and sad. Like my soul is weighing me down. I’m spending less time socialising and more time on my couch, watching Gilmore Girls. I’ve become a drag.

I was thinking about it, attributing it to all sorts of things and I think I may have narrowed it down to one main change in my life recently.


Or, a lack of it.

Last year I was gymming and hiking regularly. Over the festive season it came to a total standstill and I haven’t really picked it up again. I gym once a week now. And that’s it.

I think that’s where my slump comes from.


At least I know how to fix it.

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