Technical Woes

Dear friends, family and miscellaneous readers.

You will have noticed that this blog has become very me-centric recently. I used to post a lot of cool content, amazing campaigns and creative executions.

I’m going to start doing this again. Just as soon as I figure out why WordPress and Youtube aren’t bloody talking to each other.

Screen shot 2012-03-31 at 11.38.35 PM

I’m a child* of divorce**.

(*blogger) (**digital platform clash).

If anyone can offer some insight as to why I can no longer get Youtube videos to embed into posts, please help!

Til then, I’ll be in the corner chewing on my hair and crying in frustration.



(I use Chateau theme and I normally add videos by simply clicking media, add via URL. This worked perfectly up until last week.)

UPDATE: Thanks to the lovely (super smart, super amazing, could kiss her face)  Lee Lipman, I have a solution! Expect content for dayzzzzz to come.

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