On Weekends I Take Pictures With My Phone

It started with dinner on Friday night at the family’s favourite restaurant, the Lookout Deck.

The waitress at the door said to us, “Sorry we’re full. It’ll be at least an hours wait.”

Before we could open our mouths, the manager appeared.

“They’re regulars, it’s fine. Please follow me.”

So we did.

Woke up early on Saturday morning, ready to get a busy day started.

Got my hair did by the fabulous and utterly gorgeous Kelly at Scar Hair. I sit there and she does what she likes and it works well for us and I adore her.


My friend @Faanfairlane had his birthday that day. We dragged him away from his farm for an ice cream and a walk on the promenade, Mouille Point side.

It was the most beautiful day, the water was so brilliant and inviting. I had to fight the urge to dive in and wrap myself in cold blue amazing.

To escape the heat we went to Wafu for drinks and sushi and oysters and sent photos of our view to friends in England, who were wrapped up in scarves and blankets in minus degree weather and thick snow.

Their jealousy made it that much more delicious.

Not quite as delicious as the kilogram of prawns we had for dinner, across the road at Pepenero’s. Eight hours in Mouille Point speed by with good food, good company and good weather.
IMG-20130119-00293I visited my parents in the evening for a bit, gave my cat a cuddle. It’s not really a  noteworthy event but any excuse to post a photo of my baby.

On my way home to bed I took a detour, seduced by the promise of (more) wine and (more) friends in a little garden in Obs. Stroked the bunnies, enjoyed a peaceful summers night and was left somewhat traumatized by tales of childbirth.
IMG-20130120-00341And this is where I lay the whole of Sunday watching old episodes of Gilmore Girls and cursing the cruelty that is an empty fridge on a lazy day.

I really do love my life.

One thought on “On Weekends I Take Pictures With My Phone

  1. 1. you wear tinfoil so well ;)
    2. we dipped in the ocean the weekend and it was bliss
    3. you cruel cruel lady but then i’m no fan of the poms so i say good on you hahaha
    4. i want those prawns!
    5. at least you didn’t eat the bunnies, bunny pie is actually pretty good though
    6. need to meet up and swop series with you at some point me thinks

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