These are the Salad Days

On Sunday, the last day of the holidays, I spent a beautiful afternoon on the promenade with some of my closest friends and a tube of bubbles.

A few days later, the photos appear on Facebook.

A friendly reminder, like a punch in the stomach, that you still weigh a half a ton more than you should. Dimples belong on cheeks, not knees.

One of my New Years Resolutions was no Macdonald’s or KFC in 2013. SAY NO TO GREASE. (With the only exception being Steers, only in dire 3am emergency situations and only the Hero Steak Roll because it doesn’t come with chips and is real meat and has salad and stuff).

The bigger goal is health, fitness and weightloss but I find it easier to make very specific decisions and stick to those. ‘Weightloss’ is kind of a vague concept with too many different options.

So this is the start.

1. No takeouts.

2. Take healthy lunch to work every day (save money too).

3. Main meal at lunch, small dinner.

4. Gym twice a week with Leilah at 360 Training.

5. Walk twice a week, minimum. (Constantia Nek/ Lions Head/ Promenade for lazy days).

This is going to be great, especially since work has Pizza Tuesdays. Funzies.

It’s a start. Gotta start somewhere. These, my friends, are the start of my Salad Days.


3 thoughts on “These are the Salad Days

  1. it’s weird, but since i’ve been pregnant, aaaaaall i’ve been wanting to eat is salad. loads of salad. and fresh fruit.

    good luck to you with your salad days!


    • That’s a nice craving to have! I’m just bringing loads of snacks to work, so that I eat those instead of rubbish. Snapsticks, pretzel sticks, sugar snaps and a Slim Slab.

  2. Am on the salad days with you. I used to be a vegetarian, gave it up cause i was an “inconvenience” and subsequently gained 20kg. I am over cringing at photos! I want my healthy body back

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