Not Now, There’s Eating to Be Done

Three days of Christmas festivities and there’s still a huge tub of cold turkey cuts in the fridge.

My father’s Austrian heritage calls for a big Christmas Eve celebration and my mother’s British one insists on turkey and all the trimmings.

Which is what we had. My taste buds have been in a near constant state of ecstasy for three days.

Christmas Day, I didn’t leave the house once. I read, ate left overs, went for a swim, watched old Gossip Girl episodes and, oddly, ended the day off with two hours of spring cleaning.

Boxing day followed a similar path until about 4pm, when I met friends for a drink at Forries and then moved onto Kirstenbosch to watch Top Gun on the lawn.

All movies should be watched lying on a blanket, under the stars with a tub of cold gammon and turkey in your lap. It was amazing, it was incredible. It’s definitely on my list of favourite summer activities.

So yes. I’m on holiday. There’s eating to be done and books to be read and sleep to be caught up on. I’ll start blogging again soon.

But not before my birthday (IN THREE DAYS).

Merry Christmas everyone!

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