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A couple of months ago, desperate for a trim, I cheated on my hairdresser (it’s okay, we’ve worked through it and she’s forgiven me).

The Other Hairdresser picked up a handful of locks and fanned it out with her fingers.

“Um, what colour is your hair supposed to be exactly?” She asked, voice dripping with disapproval.

At the beginning of the year, in an impulsive move driven by heartbreak, I dyed my hair an orangey, gingery colour. Which my real hairdresser is now slowly trying to fade back to my usual blonde without breaking my hair or my bank account.

So when I got an email recently from Melanie at Clip In Hair, inviting me to pop in for a colour match, the first thing I thought was, “Gurrrrl. Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

Ha. I eat my words, happily.

The very first colour Melanie held up to my head was a perfect match.

caramel-blonde-hair-extensionsThey have ten different colours to choose from, ranging from jet black to platinum blonde and various shades of brunette inbetween. We settled very quickly on Caramel Blonde for me, the colour blends in beautifully with my ginger/ blonde/ what-colour-is-it-meant-to-be-exactly locks.

The next question was length. The extensions come in two lengths. 16″ is the favourite, it falls to just above my bra line. Not too long, which is great in this summer heat.

But as it happens, my natural hair falls to my bra strap. Half a centimetre longer than the 16″ extensions.

My before shots, bathroom mirror style

My before shots, bathroom mirror style

Which is how I ended up with 20″ PRINCESS HAIR THAT FALLS OVER MY BOOBS. Little girl dreams coming true.

I can’t stop swinging my head around so I can feel my hair brush my elbows. So weird. So cool.

My hair is naturally dead straight so I, of course, chose straight extensions. Because they are so long, they will look beautiful curled. Which is what I fully intend on doing for tonight’s Christmas party. I want to see if anyone notices. At lunch yesterday, I smoothed my hair over my shoulders and asked BFF what he thought.

“Looks nice, don’t cut it.”



Didn’t even notice my hair was a good 3″+ longer than it was a week ago. Men.

The extensions are super easy to put in. Slide and clip. And even my soft hair, which won’t hold a hair slide, clung to the clips firmly. There was no chance of those babies falling out.

I don’t even own a hairdryer. Most days I struggle to locate a hairbrush. If it isn’t easy, I’m not doing it. These take me five minutes to put in and I’m getting faster every time, guided by the very simple instructions that come with your box o’ hair.

The extensions are made of 100% real Remy Indian human hair. With good care and depending how often you wear them and if you use heat stylers on them, the extensions can last from 5 months to a year. Comb them using a detangling comb with soft bristles and wash them every few weeks with a deep conditioning shampoo. Inbetween you can run hair silicone through them to tame flyaways and keep them smelling fresh. Voila. Easy peasy.

hair-extensions-rangeHuge thanks to Melanie and co at Clip In Hair who sent me home with an eight piece set of Silky Straight ClipInHair 20″ Caramel Blonde extensions (R1250); three fun clip in pieces for that extra spunk in pink, blue and purple; and a detangling comb (R35).

My loot

My loot

For more information, colour and price list check out their website here.

They operate as an online store but they do have offices in Cape Town where you can pop in for a colour match. Otherwise, send them a picture and they can match your colour for you AND they offer free overnight delivery to anywhere in South Africa.

Helloooo emergency Christmas gift!


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